4 Virtual Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Dad’s Day

Father’s Day, as with many holidays and celebrations…

may look a little bit different this year due to the effects of COVID-19. While you might not get to follow through with traditions like a big cookout, a fancy steak dinner, or even catching a ball game, there are still creative ways to celebrate the special dads, grandpas, uncles, and in-laws in your life.

Whether you’re sheltering-in-place together, or social distancing, dad still deserves a day of appreciation and thoughtful celebration. We’re rounding up four virtual gift ideas to make bring a smile to his this Father’s day when you’re miles apart.

Gather Your Family for a Virtual Surprise Party

This may take a couple of days of planning, but the results will no doubt put a smile on dad’s face. Reach out to all of Dad’s close family members (his children, grandchildren, parents, and even a few of his pals). Invite them to join the surprise celebration by sending out an e-vite with a Zoom invitation link. Make sure everyone’s logged on at least 20-30 minutes before Dad joins the call. Shout “Surprise” as he joins and have each participant give a special message and greeting to dear Dad. Make it a true party by asking everyone to have something prepared to eat and drink. Spend time enjoying a family meal with lots of laughs, stories, and chatter.

Snag him a subscription package to his favorite Sports network

The sports season may be on a temporary hiatus, but dad can still revisit his favorite games with a streaming subscription to his favorite networks. From baseball to golf and soccer, there a network dedicated to each sport with a plethora of past games to view. You can even take it a step further and give Dad access to all his favorite teams with a live sports streaming subscription to platforms like ESPN or NBC Sports. With all the best games at his fingertips, dad can strap into his favorite chair for an all-day marathon. Be sure to ship dad a snack box full of his favorite treats that he can enjoy while watching the game. Try a Big Box taco or wrap box that he can enjoy watching his favorite plays.

Virtual Gift Cards from the heart

Gift cards may seem like the “overdone” gift idea, but gift cards allow Dad to get the things that he truly wants (and deserves). With thousands of retailers offering e-gift cards, it’s as easy as ever to load the amount and send a gift card from your heart, straight to his email inbox. Grab a gift card to his favorite store, or even gift cards that allow him to show off his favorite hobbies. From grilling to fishing to golfing, you can’t go wrong with a virtual gift card.

Have Dad’s Favorite Dinner – Delivered!

As the saying goes, “the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Give Dad something you know he’ll want, a delicious dinner spread with some of his favorites! Even if you are miles apart, you can surprise Dad with a meal in his honor, delivered right to his door in time for dinner! Big Box Catering offers a collection of fully prepared meal options that come loaded with all the fresh fixings, so the special guys in your life can enjoy dinner done his way. Our easy to heat and eat meals make it a Father’s Day to remember no matter where you choose to spend it.

So, what’s our ultimate Dad’s Day gift pick? Try dinner and movie! Nothing beats spending quality time with family. Even if you’re not physically together this year, modern technology makes it’s super easy to enjoy special activities together. Order Dad’s favorite big box meal and get it sent right to his door. You can also order a meal for yourself so you can share dinner together with your favorite movie or Netflix feature. In fact, the Netflix Party extension makes it simple to sync up your stream so you and dad can enjoy the show together!

Together or apart, you can shower the men in your life with gifts and heartfelt surprises packed with thoughtfulness and sentiment. If nothing else, the past few months have really shown us how important it is to be there for our loved ones. This Father’s Day, make it your mission to go above to honor the important guys in your life with unique gifts and activities to say ‘I love you’. While you’re showering them with love and affection, let us handle the meal! Check out our full menu and find the dinner box that Dad will love. You make the call, and we’ll handle the rest!