Frequently Asked Questions

How much will catering cost for a wedding or office party?
Big Box Catering offers multiple packages and rates depending on the size and specific needs of your event. Please contact us so that we can give you a detailed quote.

Who does catering near me?
Big Box Catering offers fast and easy catering services for the Dallas and surrounding areas. You can check if you are within our delivery range by entering your zip code during the checkout process.

Why is catering important for an event?
A delicious catered meal can go a long way in making sure your guests are happy. An excellent meals ensures that your event will be one that is remembered.

Why use catering services?
With our catering services you can forget about the stress of cooking and meal planning for a large group. Placing an order with Big Box Catering is quick, painless, and guarantees that your guests will receive delicious food that they will crave.

Do you deliver?
Yes, Big Box Catering delivers to your home or office in the Dallas area for a small delivery fee.

What are Buffet Boxes?
Buffet Boxes are full catered meals that are delivered and served to you. All buffet box meals give you everything you need for a delicious self-service catering.

Do you do individual meals?
We offer Individual Box meals that are catered to guests who prefer to have their own packaged or boxed meal. We offer sandwiches, salads, and more that cater to any craving.