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Bring on the Football

Football season has started, and we begin the countdown to SuperBowl LIV 2020 slated to be held in Miami Gardens, Florida on February 2, 2020.  From now until then, football will be playing on televisions across the country, Sunday after Sunday, for the next twenty-one weeks.  Some will watch their beloved NFL team battle it through to see if they are strong enough, and fast enough, to become final champions.  Others will root for their college alma mater, and some lucky ones will tailgate and see their favorite teams rival it out in person.  The one thing all of these watching parties have in common, is there will be food and drinks a plenty.  Big Box Catering is here to help as we recently unveiled, for a limited time, the best tailgating food ever invented: Wings.

Big Box Catering Wing Platter


Did someone say game day party?

Wings are the perfect tailgating party addition for many reasons and Big Box Catering is thrilled to be bringing them to you.  When you order our wings, you get the variety of three different sizes, to make sure that there is plenty to go around. Our small platter comes with 30 wings and feeds approximately 3 to 4 people, our medium platter comes with 90 wings and feeds approximately 10 to 12 people, and our large platter feeds 20 to 24 people with 180 wings.  Each platter is served with celery sticks and carrots with your choice of dipping sauce.  

Still not convinced that our wings are the best thing invented for your tailgating party? Ordering wings for your next game day party not only ensures that there is plenty of food for everyone, but it also ensures that everyone palette is satisfied by having several amazing flavors available.  We wanted to make sure that everyone could have their favorite wing flavor available, that we are offering six amazing flavors to choose from.  So, the more that you order, the more variety of flavors you can have.  My personal favorite is our traditional buffalo sauce, but you can order a different flavor each week until you find your favorite flavor too.

Another benefit of ordering wings for your game day food is that now you can purchase any drinks that you want.  Wings pair great with any adult beverage or any soda, tea, and water you plan to buy for your game day shenanigans.  If you are supplying the food and your guests are bringing the drinks, then even better because no one can go wrong.  Now that I have your mouth-watering for some one of our amazing wing platters, you can place your order now.

Pick your favorite wing flavor!

You have your next game day party planned, wings ordered, and are worried about the mess than wings were definitely the right choice.  When you order wings there is less of a mess and clean up is a breeze.  Each wing platter order comes with disposable plates, napkins, and wet naps. Everything you need to make clean up a snap.  Place your order now for this Sunday’s game and let your wife, roommate, or partner know that this weekend they will not even know you had company over for the game.

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