Who knew April would need Big Box Catering so much!

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Let Big Box Catering help this April.

April is full of days to celebrate and Big Box Catering wants to be there for each and every one.  Some are holidays that you and your family and friends have been celebrating for years, and others are once in a lifetime special events.

For the family occasion, let Big Box Catering cook this Easter Sunday!

I know that my kids are always so excited on Easter Sunday for the Easter Bunny to arrive and the daily festivities to begin.  Who has time to cook, and this year you don't have too.  This year could be completely different.  Your traditions could include going to Church, hiding Easter eggs at the park or in the yard, or just having family and friends over to celebrate. 

Big Box Catering can give you more time to do all of those things, with just a few clicks.  You can have a Big Box delivered to your door at whatever time you choose. The Low N' Slow Buffet Box would be the perfect fit this Easter Sunday.  Our slow braised short rib, served with sweet potatoes and spinach will have the crowd hungry for more.  But Easter is just one of the holidays coming up this April.

Administrative Professionals Day should be celebrated with a Big Box too.

Big Box Catering can be your saving grace for all the holidays this year.  We are the go to corporate caterers in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area and ready to take your order for this years Administrative Professionals Day.  If you work in a position that is lucky enough to have an administrative assistant work for you, or in an office for you and a group of employees, then this is your chance to tell them how thankful you are for all that they do.  

Your receptionist, library assistant, administrative assistant, human resources director, or even your secretary will all be delighted when you order from Big Box Catering.  Our Steak and Chicken Buffet Box or Fajita Buffet Box are my recommendations for this years Administrative Professional Day.  Each box will come with a different variety of steak and chicken, seasoned to perfection, and paired with the perfect sides for the most memorable lunch for those that should be thanked so much for the work they do every day. 

On April 14th, Big Box Catering will be watching HBO as well.

If you have been watching since the first episode, or joined in on the hype after a few seasons had passed, or even if you binged on the entire show in the past few months to catch up, we are all waiting to see how Season 8 of Game of Thrones unfolds.  It has been over a year since the Season Finale of Season 7 ended, so invite your friends and neighbors over, you know you want too, and through the most epic of watching parties by letting us cater.  There are no commercial breaks on HBO, so you will want to have your Big Box ordered and delivered in time, before the credits start to roll.  

Our Barbecue Combo Box buffet is what I think you should order.  Every friend or neighbor you invite over will have over a pound of food available to them.  With each episode in Season 8, estimated to be over 60 minutes long in length, we want to make sure there is enough food for the entire show.  And with only six episodes in the final season, Big Box Catering can be ordered in advance for every watching party this season.  Just make your selections, choose your dates, and let us feed your friends and neighbors with a new selection each Sunday night. 

With Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Administrative Professionals Day, Tax Day, and Game of Thrones Season 8 Premier Day, who knew April would be such a busy month.  Order a few of my recommendations, or choose one of your own, but order now for your April celebrations.  With just a few clicks, Big Box Catering, can make choosing what to serve this April easy.  Fast, Easy, Delicious!


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