Who is Big Box Catering anyway?

A Dallas based catering company, serving up hot and fresh micro buffets is the simple answer.

But on the other side of that sentence is a dynamic group of people putting together deliveries across Dallas/Ft. Worth area to ensure amazing customer satisfaction. We are a small diverse group of people who want nothing more than to share our love for food and people with everyone we meet.

Preparing and delivering the orders is only a part of my day.

I do a little of everything here at Big Box Catering.  My days may vary from day to day. Some days I make sure that all of the daily deliveries are scheduled and off to their scheduled office or meeting in Dallas.  On other days, I will load the smoker with our Amazing Brisket, and then prepare our BBQ Beans to be simmered for over 5 hours. My favorite days are when I get to hand deliver one of our Big Boxes to a local Dallas customer.

I love meeting our first time customers and setting up their Big Box.

Jeff, Celia, Karen, Jennifer, and Hayley are a few of my partners in making sure that all of our deliveries are accepted, prepared, and arrive within the selected delivery time frame for every order.  Jeff answers your phone calls and can answer any question you may have about how much to order.  Karen responds to your emails to answer your questions and concerns. Jennifer and Hayley make sure your order is packed up perfectly, ensuring you get every item on your order.  Celia is there to make sure your delivery arrives to your office or meeting, when it is supposed to.

Our goal is to make sure every order is hot, fresh, and delicious!

You may have talked, emailed, or met any one of us while deciding on, ordering, or finalizing one of your Big Box deliveries.  No matter who it is, we all work very close together to make sure that whether you are catering a special event, a weekly office meeting, or a yearly Christmas party, we treat your catering like a one of a kind event.


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