Top Lunch Pick: The Amazing Brisket

If you are looking for a new lunch delivery option in the Dallas area - you may want to consider our BRISKET!

Dallas Catering of Brisket

The amazing Brisket is one of our top lunch selections.  The delicious smoked brisket is available in many of our famous combo boxes but can also be ordered a la carte to accompany any catering order. It is provided to us by our sister barbecue restaurant, Back Home Barbecue, and man do they know how to smoke some meat!

Smoked Brisket: Texas Style

Texas Brisket | Dallas Catering Lunch Delivery

Back Home Barbecue starts with the best USDA prime Black Angus beef you can find.  Its trimmed up and dry aged before being rubbed down with our signature dry rub. The dry rub is our own blend of sugars, salts, and dried spices.  The amazing brisket is then smoked for 12 hours to create a bark that is unmistakably true to their own Texas flavor. 

Why Wait? Get it Delivered Today!

Big Box Catering offers the amazing brisket straight out of the smoker in many delicious varieties to fulfill the catering orders for the day.  The brisket can be served sliced in our bbq combo box, or it can be chopped for our barbecue sandwich, potato, or taco boxes.  Our brisket is included in almost every catering order (it's that popular!).  Order the amazing brisket now for your next event or catering, and trust us when we say you will not want to place any future caterings without it.

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