So Much Gluten Free Catering in Dallas

We came, we catered, and we gave samples of the best gluten free catering the Dallas Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo has ever tasted. It started at 10am on Saturday, October 27th, and continued the next day until 3pm on Sunday.  We brought the best of the best that Big Box Catering has to offer, and we dazzled them all.

Big Box Catering Gluten Free Delivery

Amazing Smoked Brisket - Delivered in 3 Hours

We were thrilled to meet the thousands of people who attended the expo that are as passionate about great tasting gluten free food (Just like us!). Samplings of our Amazing Smoked Brisket was the first to go. Many barbecue connoisseurs were blown away by the samples of smokey brisket bestowed upon them, and were delighted to find out that it could be delivered to their next tailgate or birthday party, in as few as three hours.

Gluten Free Pasta Box Catering

We also unveiled only a small fraction of options that will be available with our NEW Big Box Catering Pasta Box.  Gluten free penne pasta imported straight from Italy, topped with house-made marinara, and only available through Big Box Catering.  Not available for purchase at the grocery store, GFAF Expo attendees inquired about catering it for upcoming weddings and office meetings.

Even though we only had the opportunity to talk with guests for a few seconds, we started the beginning of wonderful relationships.  We can’t wait to meet them all again at their first Big Box Catering delivery.

Gluten Free Pasta at the GFAF Expo


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