Now offering more than just buffets meals-- boxed lunches coming soon!

Big Box Catering - Individual Meals

Were you looking for a Boxed Lunch?

Big Box Catering now delivers more than just your hot, fresh, and delicious micro buffet in a box. We have had the request for individual boxed lunches, and we are happy to say that the time has come, and they will be arriving soon to an office near you (yours if your lucky 😊).

The first boxed lunch offering will be our individual sandwich box combos. Our sandwich boxes will be more than your average sandwich and pickle. We hand created and selected each sandwich to be more than your garden-variety boxed lunch. Each sandwich is not only paired with an amazing pickle, but comes with chips, fruit and dessert.

Did you say Chips, Fruit, and Dessert?

Yes, we did, but we should talk about the state-of-the-art sandwiches first. The first, and my favorite, will be our Turkey Club Sandwich Lunch Box. Sliced turkey, topped with bacon, and swiss cheese on a slice of tomato and romaine lettuce.

Another Sandwich Lunch Box favorite, the BLTA. Bacon and avocado are so hot right now, and we thought what’s a better way to celebrate them, but by putting them on a sandwich together. Sliced avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato and whola you get the BLTA.

More sandwiches are available, but you need to go here (coming soon) to see them. So, you get a mouth-watering sandwich with chips, fruit, and dessert with each sandwich boxed lunch that your order. Our fruit will not be the average melon and apple combination either. You get an assortment of blueberries, strawberries, apple, and pineapple in each cup of fruit.

Not just an ordinary chocolate chip cookie?

Our Sandwich Boxed lunch will come with more than just your ordinary chocolate chip cookie too. Each boxed lunch will receive a Crownie, brought to you by the local, gluten free bakery, Liteful Foods. That is a handmade chocolate chip cookie nestled inside a chocolate chip brownie. You really have to order one of these boxes, just so you can get the dessert.

We have never made ordering boxed lunches look so good. Office executives and assistants will be creating office envy all around the Dallas/Fort Worth area as soon as their Big Box boxed sandwiches arrive. 


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