How to Feed a Team of Hungry Soccer Stars with Big Box Catering

Soccer Team Catering in Dallas, TX

Food Catering for Kids Sports Teams in Dallas, Texas... Big Box Catering Scores!

Not only am I a soccer mom... I'm also a soccer coach. So there are some challenges for me as a first time coach: ten 4-year-olds. That’s probably enough said, but somehow managing to get them all to listen at the same time can be pretty difficult. Another was feeding them and their families at the end of season party. Feeding ten picky eaters, plus their siblings, and their parents... oh no! Getting food that everyone would enjoy - without me having to skip the last game to cook it all and transport-- that was not going to work.

So I looked to Big Box Catering to do the work for me. It arrived right on time at the park we had the party at, they set it up, and made sure everything was perfect. Big Box Catering provided plates, serving utensils, forks, knives, spoons, napkins, even wet naps for the messy kids. They offer food for all age groups, so I went with two different boxes: one geared towards the kids, and the other for adults.

But what to order?

For the kids I went a la carte and ordered the fried chicken tenders, mac & cheese, and broccoli. I also added some mini chocolate chip cookies (which were my favorite). Meanwhile I decided to go for The Fajita Buffet Box for the adults. This set up included delicious marinated steak and chicken and rice and beans. Plus it came with tortillas, shredded cheese, sauteed onions/peppers, salsa and I added on chips and guacamole. The adults raved about it! Especially how incredibly easy it was for everyone. That's a score for me.

Big Box Catering Scores a Goal!

I loved using Big Box Catering, there was no challenge to any part of it, online ordering, delivery, delicious food, they took the hard work out of planning and allowed me to really enjoy the party. The kids loved soccer and I will hopefully be able to coach again next season. I heard there is a kids box coming soon so I'm positive I will be making all my events this easy!


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