Hey Dallas, Who Wants Pasta Delivered?

Big Box Catering unveiled its new Italian Pasta Box last week and it has already been ordered for business lunches and office meetings across the Dallas metroplex.  In case you missed our re-cap post, you should know - we are excited.  So Excited. Our Pasta Box is so great, we need to share the easy steps to order... with detail so you can become just as excited as we are.

How To Order the Italian Pasta Box, Delivered

Step 1: Select 2 Pastas with Sauces

We have several to choose from... My favorite is the Farfalle tossed in our Sage Alfredo sauce.  We have a wonderful Rotini pasta as well and delicious Stuffed Cheese Ravioli for a more filling option. (No pun intended 😊) They are all decadent, mouth-watering, and cooked to a perfect al-dente.

Our gluten free pasta options of Fettucine or Penne are guaranteed not to disappoint.  Both are imported from Italy and can only be found in our Italian Pasta Box.  The pasta box also has a gluten free Pesto Risotto that pairs perfectly with the Caprese Pesto Chicken.

Step 2: Add Your Proteins

Steak Florentine, Pesto Caprese Chicken, Meat Balls, and/or Mixed Veggies compliment all of our pastas quite well.

Step 3: Add A Salad

Mediterranean or a classic Caesar - we got your greens covered!

Step 4: Your Pasta Box is On The Way

Start building your pasta box now for your next party or business meeting.  It all just starts with the first step, choosing just two pastas. Then steps 2, 3, and 4 and we will be at your office door.

Order the Italian Pasta Box Now

Big Box Catering makes Pasta Fast, Easy, and Delicious!


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