Big Box is catering your family dinner tonight

We are super stoked about the Family Box that we have in the works. Big Box Catering offers catering from eight to hundreds of people, and many customers have asked us how they might be able to get a small box to feed their family. We have of course accommodated them, but coming soon, there will be no need to make a special order.

 The Big Box that feeds your family....

Imagine this! Your family of five is all at home for the evening, hungry and asking what’s for dinner, and you haven’t had time to get anything organized. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity for a nice family dinner, but you just don’t know how you will pull it off. Of course you could order pizza or a variety of individual orders for your family through Uber Eats. Well, now you can get a piping hot steak dinner for five that shows up in a box with everything that you need!

 Only on UberEats....

Our Big Box team has thought of all the details and added a few options only available on the UberEats app. You can order one of our Family boxes to feed as few as 2 and as many as 8 people, just perfect for your family at home or a small office meeting at work. Our Big Box Catering Cafe features our famous Steak and Chicken Box as well as our new Italian Pasta Box.  Big Box Catering BBQ will feature a new Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Box and a Rib Feast Box.  We are only a few days away, so do not worry about what's for dinner on Friday night, just get a Family Box this week on UberEats and let us take care of the rest.

Order now!

Order Big Box Catering BBQ from UberEATS.


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