Big Box Catering Boxed Lunches: More Than Just Sandwiches... Salads Too!

Big Box Catering Individual Salad Meals Lunch

Big Box is exploding with Boxed Lunch Options!

Just only a week ago we launched our individual sandwich boxed lunches.  But we couldn’t stop there.  Sure, our artisan crafted sandwich boxes are the new bees’ knees, but you haven’t heard about our individual salad boxed lunches yet.

Summer is just around the corner, and swimsuit season is almost upon us, With the days getting longer and the weather heating up our cool and crisp salad boxes will surely keep you and your event guests chilled with satisfaction. 

And we have plenty of options to choose from and each one is topped with your choice of our grilled steak or grilled chicken.  Dressing always comes on the side, and a fresh baked roll is included in every salad box.

A Salad for Every Taste and Style

#1 The Harvest Salad, a favored original since the day we launched Big Box Catering, but now is available as an individual lunch box.  The fresh field greens topped with pickled onions, blueberries, and goat cheese has never sounded so good.

#2 The House Salad, still a fan favorite with everyone, and a traditional go to salad for your everyday lunch. Romaine lettuce, sliced cucumbers, and tomatoes, with our signature ranch dressing on the side. I highly recommend topping this salad with our grilled chicken.

#3 The Greek Salad, is one of our newest offering.  Crisp romaine lettuce, topped with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, pepperoncini peppers, and cotija cheese.  Our oregano vinaigrette on the side, of course.

#4 And last the Caesar,  We couldn’t do an individual salad box without including this one as an option.  Our house-made Caesar dressing with romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and crunchy house croutons top off this treasured classic.

Did We Mention Dessert?

Yes, you get dessert too. Big Box Catering does not think that any individual lunch box is complete without dessert. With each salad box you will get two mini chocolate chip cookies.  Each pair is hand baked by Liteful Foods, the go-to bakery for everything gluten-free.  Trust us when we say that you will not even be able to tell that the cookies are gluten-free.

Now that you know which salad you are going to order for lunch tomorrow, go ahead and place your order today.  We can have lunch to you with just a three hours’ notice.  Order just a few of each or pick your favorite one and let everyone feast on their own individual salad. Whichever individual salad box option that you choose, you will have requests weekly for you to order it again.


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