Benefits of Communal Eating

Big Box Catering Blog: Benefits of Communal Eating


Eating Good with the Neighborhood


Communal dining is back, and research shows that there are positive benefits. For centuries humans have broken bread together. Whether it was family or business, formal, or casual; eating as a group is ingrained in our human DNA and for good reason.

In today's clock-less lifestyle eating together is an after thought to some and a luxury to others. We have been conditioned to multitask, and that productivity is king. Little did we know that not taking the proper time to enjoy a meal with others does more harm than good. Recent studies have shown that our natural instincts to dine together are in our best interest with a host of physical and mental benefits.

"Researchers found that people who eat socially are more likely to feel better about themselves and have a wider social network capable of providing social and emotional support."
Breaking Bread: the Functions of Social Eating


Bringing People Together


When we eat together, we’re able to establish and reinforce relationships, which makes it easier to problem solve and negotiate (Sir Winston Churchill called this “Dining Diplomacy”). Our brains also benefit by emitting doses of oxytocin which creates a sense of joy. This then stimulates our sympathetic nervous system (the system that heals us) creating better digestion and sense of overall well-being. According to the Telomere Effect eating together can actually slow down the rate at which we age!

That’s why we here at Big Box Catering want to keep this age-old tradition alive and thriving is this ever changing world so just remember that those that eat together stay together.

Happy eating!

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