A Delicious New Catered Meal for Your Home or Office: The Low & Slow

The Big Box Catering Low and Slow


A Juicy, Savory, Hearty Meal Hits the Big Box Catering Menu

Wine, garlic, thyme, rosemary, orange, honey, and patience. These are the elements we use to create the flavorful environment when braising our beef for Big Box Catering’s new “Low and Slow”. 

Here's the Low Down on the Low & Slow

Something magical happens to beef when it’s braised for hours, it takes on an almost creamy texture while completely absorbing the flavors of the stock.  It’s a process that has been around for ages and used by almost every culture across the world.  Much like the family gumbo, pozole, or marina; braising anything is always subjective and everyone has their own take on how to pull off this simply perfect process.  
After hours of simmering the flavorful liquid has cast its spell on our star protein. We have prepared a delicious mashed sweet potato and garlic wilted spinach, topped with our signature house made BBQ sauce (Big Box Catering does great BBQ by the way!) and crispy fried onions to complete something we feel will please just about everyone. So in this crazy infinitely busy world we live in, we hope this dish will remind everyone to take it “Low and Slow”. 

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