5 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Holiday Party for Your Small Office

It’s the time of the year when the cheesy decorations get hoisted from the dusty closet and you get stuck planning the company holiday party. But don’t worry, we have a five quick tips to help you handle that holiday office party craziness.

Big Box Catering Blog - 5 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Party for Your Small Office

1. Pick a Date.

This seems like common sense to most, but you would be surprised how often this first step goes wrong. When choosing a date be sure to think about the other every day going-ons in the office. Will there be an important office meeting that day? Will Sharon from accounting be out of the office yet again? These are all things you should consider when planning. When all else fails, consider the best day of the week: Friday. That way you can celebrate the holiday with your work-mates before enjoying your weekend.

2. Pick a location.

Does your office have a rec room? Perhaps a dining area or a large meeting room? The average office space has at least one of these areas to use for your event. Though you can always get creative and convert a large office space into a festive room. If all else fails, you can find a local event space to rent (though be aware of rules and regulations that the event space may have). When deciding on your space be sure to consider how much seating is required and any special holiday decor that may be needed. You might want to consider guests like Sharon that may be overly critical of your decorating skills. But that’s okay, Sharon isn’t the party planner. You are.

3. Set the rules.

Will there be a gift exchange? Is there a dress code? Will alcohol be allowed? This is your chance to set the rules and terms of the holiday office party. While it may sound rude or even condescending, it’s best to remind the office staff that this is still a business party and a work function. All guests should feel free to celebrate and have fun, but remind them to be on their best behavior… especially Sharon. Please remind Sharon to limit her Natty Light consumption this year. We’re not replacing another window this year, Sharon.

4. Send your invites.

Finalize that guest list! This is pretty straightforward as you will likely just need to invite everyone in your office. But take special care to consider those who may work in different departments. If you work for a large company you may have multiple departments that may miss out on memos, emails, or invites. So take the extra effort to make sure everyone is invited. Also consider whether or not the employees should be able to invite guests. Allowing for a “plus one” for the party can allow employees to bring their spouses, friends, or loved ones and allows your employees to open up in a work environment. Though you should also consider that Sharon will probably bring her “boyfriend” Dakota. And Dakota will probably spend his time mansplaining to you why he thinks the forced feminist undertones ruined the last Star Wars movie. Shut up, Dakota.

5. Order the food.

Last but certainly not least is the food. You literally can not have a holiday office party without food. A delicious meal can not only improve morale in the company, but it can ensure that your guests have a memorable experience. So first consider how many people will be attending your office party. A quick tally of your attendees can go a long way when making sure that you will have plenty of food to go around. When ordering food be sure to consider the variety of tastes from your co-workers and guests. Do you have any vegetarians? Is there anyone that requires a gluten free meal? Do you have a Sharon at your business that maintains the diet of a 6 year old and will only eat chicken fingers smothered in ketchup? If so, you may want to find a few different caterers that can handle all the complexities of your orders. Or, you can make things simple by giving Big Box Catering a call.

Yes, Big Box Catering can handle all the important details, dietary needs, delicious food, and even satisfy that crazy Sharon. With just a few clicks or a quick phone call our talented chefs and culinary experts are available to help you have an incredible holiday office party.


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