3 Simple Rules for Catering Your Next Event

Let's Make This Catering Easy.

Having catered a few events in our day, we have to say that there’s nothing like a great party! The people, the festivity, the smell of prepared food, and most significantly: the stress.

To pull off such tasks requires a mix of 90% planning and 10% improvisation. You have to be able to think on your toes, but also be ready for everything. 

How much food to order is a huge task, on one hand you want everyone to be well fed, but you don’t want pile of leftovers and feeling like you could’ve spent less. So keep reading to hear our 3 Easy Rules for catering any event.


Big Box Catering Rule Number 1

Rule #1: Who Are You Feeding?

Ask yourself who you're feeding.  Feeding a wedding is totally different than feeding a high school football team, believe me. So think about your hungry audience and think about your audience size. 


Big Box Catering Rule Number 2

Rule #2: Don't Run Out of Food!

The first and foremost rule to remember when catering ANY event (big or small) is: Do NOT run out of food.  You want all your guests to eat on the first pass at the buffet. Not ordering enough food is the easiest way to make everyone hate you. Literally.


Big Box Catering Rule Number 3

Rule #3: The more options you have, the less of each option you will need.

For example, on average a person generally consumes no more than one pound of food in any sitting. Our BBQ Combo Box option gives you four ounces of each two meats and two sides that you choose. If you were to order a third meat  you would not need another 4 ounces of meat per person, but rather two or three ounces.

Don't stress, let Big Box take care of it!

Thankfully we here at Big Box Catering are experts at guiding our guests toward the perfect amount of food to make sure all are fed well... with even a little left for those who want seconds, because with Big Box Catering people will always want seconds. Our easy online ordering system makes it easy to feed your party exactly what they want. But if you ever have questions, we are just a phone call away!



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