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Big Box Catering Boxed Lunches: More Than Just Sandwiches... Salads Too!

Just only a week ago we launched our individual sandwich boxed lunches.  But we couldn’t stop there.  Sure, our artisan crafted sandwich boxes are the new bees’ knees, but you haven’t heard about our individual salad boxed lunches yet.

Now offering more than just buffets meals-- boxed lunches coming soon!

Were you looking for a Boxed Lunch? Big Box Catering now delivers more than just your hot, fresh, and delicious micro buffet in a box. We have had the request for individual boxed lunches, and we are happy to say that the time has come, and they will be arriving soon to an office near you (yours if your lucky 😊). The first boxed lunch offering will be our individual sandwich box combos. Our san...

3 Simple Rules for Catering Your Next Event

Let's Make This Catering Easy. Having catered a few events in our day, we have to say that there’s nothing like a great party! The people, the festivity, the smell of prepared food, and most significantly: the stress. To pull off such tasks requires a mix of 90% planning and 10% improvisation. You have to be able to think on your toes, but also be ready for everything.  How much food to order ...


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